Selasa, 23 Desember 2014


No one was ever going to able to do it, they would never have the courage to come there. The house is too dark and mysterious.
A little boy played football around the house. Suddenly, he was kicked the ball and made it threw out, He tried to run to take the ball But he couldn’t reach because it was too fast, then the ball enter to the house.

“Oh my god! Damn.” Sighed the boy.
But when he would enter to the house, suddenly he was stopped because he heard a sounds like the girl’s crying from inside. He was shocked and too frightened. He made sure himself to continue to find out the ball although he felt so fair.
Just then, He saw a girl sat on the chair. He said, “Excuse me madam, I’m so sorry I have entered to your house without permission. I just want to take my ball that throw into your house.” But she just silent while nod.
He felt so scared and confused but he was curious also, whether she was gost or just regular person. When he did approached to the girl, suddenly, the girl looked him and the boy screamed and run out  quickly whereas he did not know that obviously.
            He was curiosity and back into the house to found what’s going on that true. “Who are you? Are you ghost?” stuttered the boy. Then the girl said, “No I’m not. I’m just regular person, don’t worry, come over here.” 
The boy said,”uuh I guess, you make me afraid. Tell me know what going on here.” The girl said,” I’m so sorry, ok I can explain it, it’s not liked your mind, sit down please and listen to me.”
            Apparently it was not like his thought at all, the girl was not ghost but she was owner of the house. She saw the house seems like cave bat therefore she try to cleaning and make up the house, the sound like the girl crying which the boy heard it just a ringtone of her hand phone.